The Vision and Mission for New Life Baptist Church:

Proverbs 29:18  Where there is no vision the people perish.


Our Mission


That your soul catch on fire!


Our Vision


To raise up a church with people who are on fire with the Holy Spirit for the Lord Jesus Christ; that it will affect not only you but your family, loved ones and friends.  This is to be done by way of preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join Us!


Sunday School – 9:30 am


Sunday Worship – 10:30 am


Music Ministry Rehearsal Wednesday 5:30 pm


Bible Study Wednesday at 6:30 pm


Services start promptly. Please come early to enjoy the fellowship and prepare your heart for worship. If you are running a little late, please respect the atmosphere of worship by entering quietly and not disrupting/distracting the worship of others nearby.

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